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At eTutor our focus is on assisting those who have the need and desire to learn more about computers and how to use them.  We are not price oriented .  Our platform has been developed to provide courses that are interactively stimulating, fun and easy to learn.  We know that if you have know that self-paced learning requires a significant amount of discipline, and we take this into consideration  Today having no technical skills is leaves a feeling of being shut out.  Because computers are so widely used in all areas of our daily lives.  It is imperative that everyone has some basic technical skills in order to maintain basic functions.

All business use computers.  It is surprising that when you want to contact a government office you are directed to go online, and that holds true for most other businesses.  Payment centers are being closed and these businesses opt for online payment.  Directories of information is now all done online line.  Hospitals, retailers are all now taking advantage of computers.  It is well worth your time to acquire these basic skills
Technology is here to stay and it advances rapidly.  There is no turning back. We love what we do and that's why we excel at it.  We have many volunteers who feel as we do, and they are willing to share their time and expertise to our cause.  We can provide you with the type of training that you would expect to find only in traditional schools and classes, and because we are personalized you get the benefit of having your very own private tutor.  Tutor is self supporting, and most of our services are free of charge.  We do have several; premium services that are available at a nominal fee to help cover the cost of specialized servers. You are welcome to browse our site. Help iis always available.